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    Topics on Appointments

    How do I make an appointment?

    How do I find and print a clients future appointment?

    How to re-book an appointment using service history?

    How do I pay for an appointment/checkout a client?

    How do I remove an appointment?

    How do I set up pop up prompts for services?

    How do I change the colour of the appointments for new clients?

    How do I save a product on an appointment so I can pay for it all later?

    How do I select multiple appointments to copy/move using the clipboard?

    How Do I Add/Set a Break, Repeat a break, Set a Paid Break/Reception Cover, Staff Meetings etc?

    How do I convert a Treatment into a Course?

    How do I find the last 5 clients entered when booking/paying?

    How do I work the appointments if therapists stay in a room all day?

    How do I see if a Staff Member is on holiday from the Appointment Screen?

    How do I setup different tabs on my appointment screen for different departments in my business?

    How do I confirm an appointment?

    How to add a product when paying for an appointment/checking out a client

    How do I see all of the changes that have been made to a service?

    How do I find out who booked or changed an appointment, i.e Appointment Trail

    Why have my appointments gone grey?

    How do I delete a repeated appointment?

    How To Use The Waiting List

    How do I view and edit history for clients who have purchased a course?

    Appointment Screen - Commonly Asked Questions

    What does the red flag icon on the appointments mean?

    How do I create a prompt for a clients appointment?

    How Can I Put A Deposit Onto A Client's Appointment

    How To Book In A Group

    How do I make collecting a client's email address or mobile number mandatory?

    How Do I Check In a Client?

    How do I print a staff members roster/schedule?

    How do I move an appointment using the clipboard?

    How do I create a repeat appointment?

    How do I book an appointment for outside of opening hours?

    How can I set up the system to show me client notes on check in?

    How do I scroll up and down on the appointment screen without moving appointments accidentally?

    How do I pay for/checkout more than one client at the same time on the appointment screen?

    How do I set how much information appears on the printed column for each staff member?

    How do I use a Sun Bed with the Appointment screen on Phorest?

    How do I print an appointment reminder/notification on the receipt printer?

    How do I access another branch or location?

    How do I hide phone numbers from appointment print outs?

    How do I find out which staff members are qualified for a particular service or treatment?

    How do I send an automatic SMS or email to someone who no-shows?

    How do I use and edit the Client Agenda?

    How can I mark a staff member as late?

    How to amend the price of a product or service when paying the appointment

    What is the Hide On/Hide Off Button?

    What do the appointment icon's mean?

    How do I change the color of my appointments / service categories?

    How To View Week Of Appointments For Staff Member

    How do i edit an appointment ?

    How Do I Print Staff Members Daily Schedule

    What does the phone icon mean on the appointment screen?

    What is the difference between client notes and appointment notes?

    How can I check out a group?

    Appointment Has Been Paid But Is Still Yellow / Grey

    How to get client notes to appear on the Appointment Screen

    How To Print A Client Travel Card