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    How do I split my business into different departments?

    If you wish to view your business in two or more parts - e.g. Hair and Beauty or you may have two different corporate entities under the one business then you need to split the service categories and brands into Departments. 

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Go to Manager, then Settings

    2. then choose Departments

    3. You tap Add to create a category and you give it a name, and press OK to save

    4. Once the Departments are created then you highlight the one you wish to assign and then tap Assign Departments

    5. Now you need to start assigning all categories and product brands to departments by tapping where it says <None> (as shown in point 1. below) and a drop down of all the departments will appear (2.). Select the appropriate department from the list, and it will then be assigned to that category or product.

    6. Tap Save when finished. 


    Now you can go to reports and view the Sales by Department report.  

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