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    How do I cash up each night? (EOD)

    Every evening before you go home, you should cash up on Phorest to ensure that all the sales and money you have made is accounted for.

    If your cash and credit do not balance you should correct the mistakes in the Sales section before you finish up otherwise the reports will not tally with the cash collected.  

    For people used to the old EOD on Phorest, you will notice that you do not have to stop or start till reads anymore (I.e. Stop Current).  To go back to the old way click here

    Step-by-step guide 

    1. Please tap the Cash Up button in the Manager screen

    2. Please tap the orange Cash Up button at the bottom of the screen
    3. Now enter the Actual amounts for all the payment types by tapping the buttons (i.e. cash, debit etc). The figures in the Expected column are what the software has calculated based on the sales you have entered into the software that day.

    The Balance figures at the bottom will go green when both sets of figures match. Set a Closing Float for the next working days opening float, and the rest of your takings that day will automatically go to Cash to Bank. If necessary you can enter a Note for each cash up incase you need to explain discrepancies. Finally Click Save.

    The daily Cash Up report will then automatically be displayed. You can print this either on the receipt printer, an A4 printer or to PDF.  Once you have printed, close the page by clicking on the Close button to be returned to the main cash up screen.  

    1. On the main cash up screen, if you want to combine a wider date range into one Cash Up report then you should tap the Date Range Report button

    You can also cash up on your iPhone or iPad using Phorest Go.

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