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    How do I create a free voucher for a charity or a client?

    The following are instructions for putting a free voucher through the purchase system. Typically this would be when giving a free voucher to a charity or an unhappy client. This method can also be used to add a voucher sold previous to using the Phorest system. 

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Go to the Purchase screen. A good idea is to add a client called "Charity voucher" or something that will make sense to you.

    2. Add the voucher normal, as if you were going to sell one.
    3. Select the voucher and click on the Plus symbol  <+>  underneath the word Discount. The Choose Discount window will then be presented. Make sure that Percentage is selected. Enter 100% as the discount. So in the example below we enter 100%.
    4. Now click Pay as normal. No money will be required as we have discounted the voucher in full.


    We process free vouchers in this manner so as when a voucher is redeemed against a service or product, no VAT is calculated on the sale. This is apparent when a totals report is ran. Any "free" voucher redeemed in that time period will not calculate any VAT.

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