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    KPI Performance Detail Report

    This report will show all of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) details for your salon

    Go to Manager>Reports>Financial>KPI Performance Detail

    Client Breakdown

    Individual Clients - Number of client visits during that period

    New Clients - Number of new client visits to the salon during this period

    Requests/Non Requests - These are requests/non requests made to the salon and not the number of clients who've visited (an individual client can have multiple requests)

    Female - Number of female client visits

    Male - Number of male client visits

    Unspecified gender - Number of client visits with an unspecified gender. NOTE: This appears when adding a new client in the system via the appointment screen


    The Average Visit Revenue is worked out by dividing the number of client visits in the Performance Stats report run for the same period by the total value of Services and Products EX VAT together.

    Note: You will need to run the Performance Stats report separately for the same period to get the number of client visits

    Average Service (Ex VAT) is the total number of services sold divided by Net value

    Average Product (Ex VAT) is the total number of products sold divided by Net value

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