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    Sales Transactions Report

    This report lists out the individual transactions processed between the required dates

    It shows...

    • The date and time of the transaction¬†
    • The staff member shows the individual responsible for the service (whether selected at the appointment screen or purchase screen) - not necessarily the staff member logged in when the transaction was made
    • The Item is the service, product, course or voucher that was sold on the transaction
    • The client that purchased the items
    • Any discounts that were applied to the transaction
    • The Net value of the transaction
    • The Vat incurred
    • The total price of the transaction
    • The method of payment made by the client

    • Here we have totals for each section
    • The Cashbook for that period (see the Financial Totals report)
    • Payment breakdown
    • This section shows the money in by the different payment methods in total

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