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    Where do I insert the Code for my 'Book Now Button' on my Website?

    Step-by-step Guide

    The floating 'Book Now' button for the Online Bookings widget can be implemented on your website through a couple of lines of Javascript code. 

    If you have not used Javascript before and have only used HTML links or iFrames you do not have to worry as the Floating Book Now button is even easier to implement on many of the most popular Web Builders including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. As the link is mobile responsive it will display proportionally on all platforms so there is no adjustment needed.

    Here are some step-by-step instructions on integrating the link on some popular Web Builders:


    1.  Go to Settings 
    2. Then Advanced
    3. Then Code Injection
    4.  Then Copy & paste your Code into the Header


    1. Click Manage Website 
    2. Then Tracking and Analytics
    3. Then New Tool -> Custom 
    4. Then Paste in Code Snippet


    1.  Edit Site 
    2. Then Settings (in navigation)
    3. Then SEO 
    4. Paste entire code excerpt into Header Code


    Integration with wordpress requires downloading a plugin called 'Insert Header and Footer Scripts'

    1.  Select Plugins from the Dash 
    2. Then Add New 
    3. Search for Header and Footer Scripts then install 
    4. Then add the code excerpt to the Header Section

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