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    How To Set Up Online 'Book Now' Button On Facebook

    Facebook allows you to place a 'Book Now' button on your Facebook business page, which is otherwise known as a 'Call to Action' button. This button allows clients to be redirected from Facebook to your Phorest online booking system, where clients can manage their appointments online or on their mobile phone

    1. Log Into your Facebook account and access your business page. 
    2. When on your business page look for the "CREATE CALL TO ACTION" button at the top left of your screen and click it. 
    3. Edit your button in order to change it to a "Book now" button

    4. Click the drop down and click "Book Services"

    5. In the website field you will need to type your personal Phorest Online Booking URL. This would have previously been sent to you via email from onlinebooking@phorest.com and should look something like https://phorest.com/book/salons/yoursalonname. If you have this information please type it into the website field. If not please contact onlinebooking@phorest.com or call support.

    6. After typing in the web URL please click add button to create your button.

    7. Thats it. Your button has now been created and will direct your customers to your online booking when it is clicked. Facebook have designed the button to be mobile friendly and to work from within their dedicated Android and IOS apps on mobile phones and tablets. We would recommend having a look on your business page to have a look at how it works.

    Video Guide. 

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