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    Online Booking - Websites, CSS, Zanadoo.me/admin

    Website, Responsive Design, Zanadoo.me/Admin. 

    Online Booking  

    There is a whole section on our Phorest wiki page on Online Bookings, which covers the most common support questions, including set up questions. 

    Q. How do I set up Online Bookings?

    Check out our other section on Setting Up & Editing My Online Bookings

    For your website, you can get your own web developer to make the changes to add a Book Online button, or you can ask Phorest to do this for you. 

    For Facebook set up, this is fast and easy to do. Follow the steps here.

    Q. If you are making changes to your website yourself or through a web developer:

    See this link on how to get Online Bookings set up on your website

    You can forward these details to your web developer. 

    Q. If you are adding the booking widget to your website, you will firstly need the login details for the website.  This is probably the most time consuming part. Some websites take 10 mins, some 1 or 2 hours, depending on their set up.

    1. Anyone familiar with CMS websites can do this. Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, SquareSpace, Vistaprint are the most popular. 

      Paste the above code into the </Source> </html> section in the website editor.:


            .iframe-container {

              position: relative;

              height: 800px;

              overflow: hidden;


            .iframe-container iframe {

              position: absolute;

              top: 0;

              left: 0;

              width: 100%;

              height: 100%;



      Then place the following where you would like the widget to be shown. 


            <div class="iframe-container">

              <iframe src="INSERTURL" width="900" height="800" frameborder="0"></iframe>



      You can resize it using the width and height in the iframe. **note. A lot of the time you won’t get the URL for the log in or it won’t be very obvious where you log in. SquareSpace, Wix, Vista have their own login sites. Wordpress, Joomla and some other CMS have a URL extension. e.g. www.wordpress.com/login . The most common Wordpress one is /wp-admin…..Just google login URL Wordpress, Joomla etc etc. If you can’t find it there then time to scrub up on your coding! I use firefox dev tools. It will be a lot of trial and error with different set ups.

    2. For Wordpress - Create a new page called online booking, add the widget. Then got to appearance and menu. Add the new Online Booking page to the Menu.

    3. If the website is responsive, you need to wrap the code in another code. See here

    4. If you are given the server details to a website, it’s very important you don’t change anything without downloading the entire contents of the server locally. This just backs up the site incase you change something and don’t know how to step back. Save it to your computer and you should be able to add the widget directly to a page’s html.

    Q. I’ve added the widget but it doesn't appear correctly on my website.

    1. Common things to check here - The iframe code, are you missing anything? check height and width. Increase if needs be.

    2. Is the page it’s on sectioned off, so the iframe is only sizing to a small section of that page instead of the entire thing?

    3. Each CMS website has it’s own universal template setting, usually beside the page editor. Check these settings. It might be set to take the template layout of the front page. There should be options for other layouts.

    4. If all else fails - there is usually contact details for their web dev down the bottom of the page. Send them an email.

    5. If you're comfortable, check the css/html. There might be something restricting the widget size

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