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    How to set up the Clock In/Clock Out feature

    This feature allows you to use the clock in/out feature in the system to keep track of when staff arrive and leave the salon or spa.

    Step-by-step guide

    1. First you need to turn on time management in Manager > Staff Rosters. You need to have staff pins set up for this feature to work

    2. Now log out - using the middle button below, if someone is already logged in.
    3. Now you have 2 methods to clock in and out, either way is fine, and will log your staff clocking in and out.
      Method 1: If you have just logged out a user via the lock button shown above, or when you initially start up Phorest, you will automatically be asked to enter a PIN to use the system if the PIN feature is switched on.  Note: upon initially starting Phorest, the Clock In/Out button will be disabled if using the PIN feature, so this is the method that you will use.  

    4. Once you have entered your PIN, the system will automatically ask you if you wish to Clock in

    5. Click Yes and the system will display a message to confirm the users name and clock in time

    6. Alternatively, method 2:
      Click on the Clock In/Out button

    7. The following window will be displayed.  Enter the staff PIN code of the staff member who wishes to Clock in, using the numeric keypad and press OK

    8.    The system will then show the users name and clock In time.  Press Cancel to close this window.  NOTE: this doesn't cancel the clock in, it simply closes the window.


    1. You can then run a Staff clock In/Out report in MANAGER > REPORTS > STAFF to view staff members clock in and out times.

    2. To run the report click the Generate Now button.  Here is an example of the report:

    3. Alternatively, if you want to quickly check the logs for a certain staff member, you can do so by going to Manager>Staff Members and click on the member of staff to bring up their details.  Then click on the Clock In/Out tab.  This will then show a detailed history of the clocking in and out times and dates.

    4. You can edit the staff member's clocking in and out times if necessary here

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