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    Adding a Room or Machine


    Recourses refer to your treatment rooms and any specialised machines your business uses that may need to be booked out during a treatment.

    The purpose of setting this in the system is that you can assign specific rooms and machines to the treatments that require these resources.

    When a client books one of these services, because the resource is pre assigned the system will automatically book out the required room/machine for that treatment.

    To add a new Room/Machine, go to Manager → Settings 

    Select Resources


    Click the Add button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, or if you wish to add a machine, click on the Machines tab first at the top of the page

    Enter the name of the treatment room or machine name



    Click on the Colour button, and the following colour palette will be shown.  Choose the colour as you would like it to appear on the appointment screen, and click Ok

    Double click on the capacity box, and it will bring up the Insert Amount box for you to enter the number of people you could potentially book into this room at any given time. Enter an amount and click Ok. If the number is greater than one but only applies to those booking in a group, make sure the box is highlighted where it says Capacity only Applies to Group Bookings. Note that this field is not applicable to machines and will not be shown if you are adding a machine.

    Finally, you can provide a description about the room or machine that explains what it should be used for, and then click Save to create the room/machine.

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