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    Creating a Series or Package of services

    Phorest calls a package of services - e.g. 6 Facials, or a package of different services - e.g. 3 Facials and 3 Manicures, a Course. 

    1. To create courses on the system go to Manager > Series


    2. Click the Add button in the bottom left hand corner.

    3. Next we need to enter the details on the series.

    a. You enter the name of the series.

    b. Next, you choose the service the series is associated to.

    c. The unit types are sessions or minutes. Sessions would be used for a course of facials or laser. You are getting a number of sessions.

    d. Minutes are used for sunbed series, where the client gets minutes of sunbeds.

    e. Total units is the number of sessions/minutes in the series.

    f. In addition to the latest software update, you can now choose whether the series can be used in other branches.

    g. Finally, the total price is the sale price of the series.

    4. Click OK to add this session to the series.

    5. If you want to add a different group of services to the same series - e.g. 3 Facials and 2 Manicures then you can click Add Service and go through the process again.

    5. Finally, click Save to add this in to your list of series.


    PLEASE NOTE: If you are building a course in a multi-location salon business then you need to create the course in the Chain Library. 

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