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    Stocktake / Inventory Count on Phorest Go Guide

    Introducing Stock Take / Inventory Count on Phorest Go.

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    To access stocktake on Phorest Go swipe left or click More at the top left-hand corner of the screen. Under the Menu bar click Stock.

    Here you will have the option to begin a New stocktake or Resume stocktake you have previously started.

    Click New stocktake to begin. You will now see a Stocktake name field, a Stock Type field and a blue Choose Brands button. The stocktake name field will be pre-populated with the date and time but we advise you name your stocktake for your records. 

    Clicking on the Stock Types field directs you to choose which product types you will be counting today, all types or just Retail, Professional or Colour. 

    Click the blue Select button once you have chosen which product types you are counting.

    You will now need to choose which Brands you wish to include in this stocktake or Select All Brands. Click Start Stocktake to continue.

    The camera will open allowing you to scan the barcode(s) of the product you are counting. 

    If the barcode is recognised the next screen will display the Product Brand, Product Name and the option to add the total number you have in stock by using the + and - symbols at the bottom of the screen. Once you have added the correct number click Add.

    This will return you back to the camera screen with the product you have just added in the Recently counted list.

    If you scan a barcode(s) that is not recognised you can update a barcode of an existing product via Phorest Go. However, you cannot add a product to your stock-list via Phorest Go. (This would need to be done via your Phorest desktop application)

    To update the barcode(s) of an existing product scan the barcode or click the + icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    The barcode(s) will be displayed at the top of the screen but the Product Brand and Product Name field will be blank. 

    Click Search brands and begin to type the brand name. Select the brand from the list, now click on Search products once you have selected the correct product to update simply use the + symbol to add the quantity in stock. Click Add.

    When you have counted everything you wish to add to the stocktake click Review Stocktake.

    On this screen, you will see an Add Notes icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. The notes section can be used if you notice products are damaged etc or any other notes relevant to the stocktake.

    Click Save once completed.

    At the bottom of the screen are the Finish Stocktake and Resume Stocktake buttons. 

    You can pause the stocktake as many times as you wish and resume it at a different stage.

    To resume a stocktake click Resume Stocktake this will direct you back to the camera screen where you can continue adding products to the stocktake. 

    To complete the stocktake click the Finish Stocktake button, you will now see a pop up asking you what you wish to do with the uncounted items. This option allows you to Count them as 0 or to not include them in this stocktake. 

    The next and final screen will display a message to notify you your Stocktake is now ready to be reconciled on your Phorest desktop. 

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