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    What is this Marketing Consent pop up?

    When paying through an existing client or adding a new client you will be prompted to ask the client if they would like to receive marketing sms and/or email.

    Sample of marketing consent prompt

    • Not now: Ask the client next time to make a choice of opt in / opt out
    • Opt Out: Opt the client out of sms and email marketing
    • Opt In: Opt the client in to sms and email marketing

    Existing Clients

    If existing clients have the sms / email consent options unchecked on their client card, the marketing consent will prompt on paying an appointment.

    If existing clients have either of the consent options checked on their client card they will get the marketing consent prompt on paying an appointment.

    If a client is already opted in with both SMS and Email marketing consent, then the prompt will not appear.

    New Clients

    When adding a new client with either a phone number or email address included the marketing consent will prompt you to ask the client.

    Note: In the appointment trail you can see when the client was opt in/out for marketing consent and by which staff member.

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