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    How to set up a Maxatec MT-150/200 receipt printer in Windows

    The Following are instructions to set up a Maxatec receipt printer with Phorest Cloud.

    Quick Version: Download the drivers and virtual port utility, extract them and run the auto installer. While installing the VirtualCOM port, select USB / POS printer and select a COM. Open the Phorest software and and go to Manager>Settings>Terminal Settings and select Direct, Maxatec MT-200 and the com you set up previously and click Test, click Save and you are done!

    Note: If you have already had the printer installed and it was working in the past, check and see if the Virtual COM tool is running.

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Download the drivers from Here

    2. Extract the files to your desktop, open the folder and double click on the file hi-lighted below.
    3. Check the box for the printer you want to install (1) and the click on install (2).

    4. Next select your operating system (1) and your printer port (2) which should be USB and press OK

    5. Next we need to extract VirtualCOM_Driver_1.41 to the desktop and run it.

    6. Run the installation wizard.

    7. You will get a prompt with a name that you don’t recognise, just click install as it is part of the installation.
    8. Next Select a COM port that would not have been used before and highlight USB / POS Printer and click next, it might freeze for a minute which is normal.

    9. All the drivers a now installed.

    10. Now go to the Phorest Sofware, click on Manager>Setting>Terminal Settings and set as below, choosing the Com port number you had assigned in the previous step. Set the
      purchase receipt mode to On or Optional and click Save.

    11. Done!

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