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    How to set up a Star TSP100 receipt printer for Lion and Mountain Lion OS (version 10.7-10.8)

    Note: You will need administrator access on your computer to complete this installation.

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Click here to download the drivers for your Mac.
    2. The download is the same driver you use for Windows. The difference is you do NOT click the "Autorun" file. That is for Windows only.
    3. Open the folder you've just downloaded as normal. Go to the following sub folders: Mac > Driver > CUPS driver (Approximate folder name)
    4. Install the CUPS driver package by double clicking the file (this file will have a .pkg extension)
    5. Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable.
    6. Power on the printer
    7. Open Safari and go to http://localhost:631/printers/
    8. If there is an error message in your browser then you will need to enable CUPS support.
    9. To do this open a Terminal window (a.k.a Bash Shell). (Run a search for "Terminal" if you can't find it)
    10. Once the terminal is open and running type: "cupsctl WebInterface=yes" (without the quotes) and press Enter.
    11. This will now enable a web interface to the printer settings. Go back to your browser and type http://localhost:631/printers/ again.
    12. Select your printer model
    13. Select from the drop down menu Set Default Options.
    14. Select Cash Drawer Control, choose Open Drawer 1 and click Set Default Options button.
    15. Now open the Phorest Software and go to Manager>Settings>Terminal Settings and select Star TSP100.
    16. You must set the printer as Driver in Phorest rather than Direct. There are no COM ports or virtual ports to create on a MAC.
    17. Important to note that in Driver mode the cash drawer will only open when a receipt is printed. Pressing Open Cash Drawer button in Manager > Cash Up will not work.

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