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    Setting the Short Notice Period for Online Bookings

    This tutorial will show you how to set the short notice period for Online Bookings.  This means that your clients will not be able to book online at the last minute and then walk into the salon unexpectedly.  The default will be set to 60 minutes, but this can be changed.  In the example below we will show you how to set it to 2 hours, which means that clients have to book in more than 2 hours in advance, any less than 2 hours, and the time slots will not be shown online.  

    Step-by-step guide

    1. First we need to adjust the setting to 2 hours instead of the default 60 mins. To do this we go to Manager> Settings> Online Settings

    2. Upon opening notice that the default time is set at 60 minutes. If you wish to disable this feature, you can do so by changing the number of minutes to zero.

      Deafult Setting

      Setting Disabled

    3.  In this example we are going to change this to 2 hours. Sleect the drop down arrow next to the word Minutes, and chose Hours from the drop down list, and then type in 2 in the box next to the calculator (or you can use the calculator icon)

    4. Now lets take a look at an example boking time.  If the time now is 14.42, and the min notice is 2 Hours, and the time slots are every 30 mins (with no gaps as per the settings shown above) , it means that then next slot would be 3pm (the next available 30 min slot) + 2 hours, so the next available slot would be 5pm

    5. Let's look at another example where we also have a gap time of 15 mins, and using the deafult short notice time of 60 minutes

    6. If the time now is 15.01, so the next available slot is 3.30pm + 1 hour (and no other appointments booked in so gap time is irrelavant), then the next available online booking will be 4.30pm

    7. If the time is 15.08, so the next available slot is 3.30pm + 1 hour, then the next available online booking should be 4.30pm, but if we have clients booked in until 4.30pm, then the gap time of 15 mins would need to be accounted for, so the next available 30 minute time slot would then be 5pm

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