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    How do I remove a client?

    At the moment Phorest does not have the function of deleting clients so we archive them. By archiving it means transactions and appointments related to that client are not affected for future reports etc.

    How do I archive?

    Head to Clients - Select Client - Press Archive

    This will move the client from the active list (above) to the archived list.

    I can't find my client in the system anymore?

    They have most likely been archived if this is the case. To find them:

    In Clients, press the "Archived" button just underneath the "First Name" field. 

    Why were these clients archived?

    A staff member would have most likely archived the clients for a number of reasons. If you need to find out who has archived you can check the trail.

    Clients - Archived - Select Client - Trail

    You can see here the staff members name, where they did it and when.

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