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    How do I set up a discount for online booking?

    You can set up discounts for online bookings, that when a client books online they automatically get a discount for the service they book.

    This is to encourage the client to book their own appointments without the requirement to call to book.

    To set up this feature, go to "Manager", then "Settings".

    Next, click the "Online Settings" option.

    In "Online Settings" you will see the option for "Give discount for online bookings"

    Click the drop down option, this will give you 3 options,

    "No Discount" - This does not automatically apply a discount to the clients card

    "First Appointment Only" - This only applies a discount for the first time the client books online

    "Every Appointment" - This applies a discount for every appointment the client books online.

    When you choose the relevant option, a new section will appear requiring the amount of discount to be applied to be entered.

    Click the calculator option to display the screen to apply the discount.

    Enter the value of the discount you wish to be applied. This will be entered into the text box.

    Click "OK" then "SAVE" to apply the discount.

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