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    How do I setup a reminder to let me know when a client's product has run out?

    A good way to sell more retail is for a pop up reminder to appear when a client is in the salon and the last product they purchased ought to have run out. 

    To turn this feature on go to


    General Settings

    Click on the PROMPTS tab (as shown in point 1. below)

    Check to activate the Product reminder and when you want it to appear (i.e. on Check in or Pay, as per point 2. below), This will apply the reminder to every product, so in this example if a client has purchased a product, and then checks in or pays for (depending on which box you have checked) a booking which is 8 weeks or more after their last purchase, then Phorest will remind the Therapist.  The number of weeks can be amended here (point 3. below) 

     If you would like to amend the amount of weeks required for each product separately then:

    Please go Manager >Stock 

    Double tap to edit a product 

    Tap on the Advanced tab

    And amend the weeks required for that particular product


    It is a fantastic way to increase your retail sales

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