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    Configuring client referrals

    Client referrals are a fantastic way to get your clients working for you to attract new customers by informing their friends about you and incentivise them to frequent your business.

    Phorest software has a fantastic method to manage and reward clients for making referrals for your business through the treatcard system

    To enable the referral system, go to Marketing > Treatcard 

    Then click on Settings

    The section under Client Referrals allows you two set up two items in relation to the referrals system.

    The first section is the number of FREE treatcard points you can reward a client with for making a referral.

    The reason we do this is, its cheap, points do not cost your business anything except the potential to up-sell, but your clients will want free points to build towards a free service.

    The second section, Enable Send SMS to Referring Client, notifies the referring client that they received their reward for making that referral which is imperative,

    If you offer a reward to a client for doing something for your business, and you don't notify them or thank them for doing it, they will not do it again, and you are also making a bad impression with them.The SMS will automatically text them when their referral comes in to the salon thanking them for recommending you. With this notification they feel rewarded and it will encourage them to do it again.

    To add a recommendation to a clients card, first, go to the new clients card.

    Under the section Referred By enter the name of the client that made the initial referral

    When you enter the name of the client making the referral, (and provided the client who has referred them has a treatcard set up on their account) you will get a pop up asking, "Do you want to award 100 Treatcard points to <The Client>"

    Click the yes button to award the points.

    When you do this the client will automatically get a text message thanking them for making the referral.

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