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    Temporarily Shutting Off Online Booking & Unexpected Closings During the Covid 19 Outbreak

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    For many reasons, you may wish to temporarily disable your online booking system. Currently, during the Covid-19 outbreak, this request has been seen a lot. As such, we've created a guide to help you along with the process of both Temporarily shutting off online bookings & closing your business during the outbreak. Of course, these steps can be followed at any time to perform either action. 

    Let's start on taking your entire staff off of online bookings. For individual stylists (and to see a more granular view of this process) you can find a guide on that here, and a more general overview below:

    Manager -> Staff Members -> Select a staff member -> Settings -> 'Show on Online Bookings' should be set to 'NO' -> click save.

    Do this for ALL of your staff members, and you should be golden!

    Additionally, should you find yourself required to close due to the outbreak, you can set special 'closed' days for your business, rather than manually removing everyone from the schedule.

    To do this, follow the more granular guide here, or read below:

    Settings -> Opening Hours -> Add -> Select a day -> Set open to 'No' -> SAVE. Do this until you believe you'll be open again; this can ALWAYS BE CHANGED LATER!

    If there's anything else our team can do for you or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We're committed to helping everyone through this time as best as we can.

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