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    Upgrading a Service into a Special Offer package deal

    This feature can be used to upgrade a single service into a Special Offer package deal on your Phorest system or prompt staff to add an extra service when clients are booking in. 

    On the latest version of Phorest Cloud, when a client books in for a single treatment or service, the system will prompt you to ask whether or not they would like to upgrade their appointment to any Special Offer package deals that may be available on your Phorest system. This can help to increase your clients average spend as well as potentially opening the clients up to new treatments and services. Upgrading the client to a Special Offer package deal at this point also automatically deducts the original appointment from the package, which makes it much easier when booking in the rest of the special offer.

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Book in a treatment or service as normal.
    2. If the treatment or service being booked is available as part of a Special Offer package, the system will ask you if the client would like to Upgrade into a Special Offer.
    3. If the client would like to upgrade to the Special Offer Package deal, simply click Upgrade.

    4. You can then proceed to book the client in for the rest of the Special Offer package treatments.

      Once you have added all parts of the offer to the booking, then press Done

      You will now see the offer booked in as normal on the appointments screen:

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