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    Changing Your Salon Branded App

    In order to make changes to your app we need to determine what you need changing. This is because some things are changed by the App Team via an App Update and processed through the Apple and Google systems, and some things can be changed by you on your Phorest system.

    Below is a table of which changes are required to be processed through the App Team.

    Submit A Change Request
    Change App icon
    Change App background image
    Change App Colour scheme
    Remove or Add Treatcard functionality
    Remove the Facebook Like Button
    Change the App store description
    Change the App store screenshots
    Change App name
    Add Remove or Rename Branches
    Add/Remove/Edit App photo gallery
    Remove Service History Option

    If you need to log a change request for your branded app for any of the above you can do that using the button below. 

    Below is a list of changes which you can make in your own Phorest system, each option can be clicked and you will be directed to the relevant article.

    Change In Your Phorest System
    Add/Remove Special Offers
    Staff Names
    Staff Descriptions
    Staff Photos
    Service Names
    Service Prices
    Service Descriptions

    Below is a list of changes which will need to be made through either the Phorest Support Team or App Team

    Phorest Support / App Team To Change
    Change Telephone Number
    Change Email
    Change Business Address

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