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    Booking a Treatcard Reward

    Booking the treatcard is the most important part of the system for maximizing the potential return you can make. The following steps show you the process Phorest recommends you take to get the most from the system.

    The reasons Phorest recommends this process are…

    • Giving a list of rewards is a bad idea – The reason is, that by having a list of rewards your customer has too much information and may become demanding. The purpose of the system is to get them trying out new treatments to increase their spend. If they know that the “Service” they always book with you is available for “X” number of points and they have that number of points, the customer will not want anything except the treatment they always purchase, and that means you are giving treatments away for free to a client that would normally spend money on that treatment, which defies the purpose.
    • Terms & Conditions – Many businesses put terms and conditions on their rewards, these terms & conditions turn a positive feature and make it very negative from the client’s perspective. Some of the more common Terms & conditions are. “No rewards available at weekends” and “You need to buy something before you get the reward”. Both of these terms and conditions are very valid but very negative.

    This process allows you to tackle these T’s & C’s while keeping the treatcard positive from your businesses perspective and also the client’s perspective.

    The first step is to take a booking from the client, assuming that the majority of your bookings come from a phone call; this allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you may want to offer the customer.

    In this example we will use a client call “Claire Willis”, Claire has accumulated 560 points on her card.

    Claire calls to book an appointment an appointment on Wednesday @ 12pm for the Deluxe Pedicure she always gets.

    *Note: this is not a treat, but a standard service.


    Once you have selected the treatment for the customer, you will notice the Orange treatcard button flashing at the bottom of the screen. (This only flashes if that particular client has a reward available to them). It will also display the number of points the client has on their treatcard.

    When you have clicked the Treatcard button, a list of all the Treats that are currently available to them along with how many points they need for that reward will be shown.


    At this point, as much as possible you should offer the client 3 different Treats, no more. The reason is, if you only offer them one reward (which might happen on certain occasions) they may not have any interest in that type of service. If you offer them 3 different treats, the client will choose the treat which they want most, which means they are choosing which service they are most likely to purchase again in the future, which in turn increases your businesses return on that client.

    When they have decided which treat to book, click once on the selection then click the Done button to book.

    You will see the treat displays the treatment name as Reward before that actual name of the service. The client is now booked for their treat. 


    1. Allow the client to call you to make a booking for a paid service, this avoids the need for terms and conditions on purchasing something before they get their treat.
    2. Offer the client a treat when they have chosen a service, this catches the client off guard and impresses them that you have just offered them something for Free, it also avoids the clients coming to you and asking for treats.
    3. Give the client as often as possible, 3 options when it comes to choosing treats, this is to allow the client to choose which treat they would most like to have which in turn, means they are choosing which service they are most likely to purchase again in the future. 

    *If the client does not wish to book and of the options you offer, do not offer them any alternatives, and simply tell them that there may be other rewards available the next time they book.

    *If you are too busy to accommodate a client with a service treat, you can offer them a product as a treat or simply nothing at all, as you have not provided the client with a list of rewards, they do not know any different, so you can be flexible with how you approach clients during busy hours.

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