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    How do I build and publish a Digital Consultation Form

    Follow step by step instructions below or view this video!

    To build & publish Digital Consultation Forms

    Go to Manager > Consultation Forms

    To create a new form click New Form

    To build new form click Custom Form

    Now give the Custom Form a Title

    Give the form a Description

    Choose which services this form applies to

    Now choose how often it will need to be updated

    The Disclaimer and Privacy Policy are mandatory and make the form GDPR compliant 

    Click Add Question for a list of predifined questions

       Click Contact Details to view a list of options. Select which fields you wish to add then click Add To Form

    Next (if required) add Medical Conditions. Select all or individual fields as requiredThen Click Add To Form

    The last predined question is Marketing. Here is a marketing field with the option to opt in or out to sms & email. Click Add To Form 

    To add a custom click General Question

    Add the Question you wish to ask and choose the Answer type from the dropdown

    Add an additional question by hovering the curser between two existing questions

    Add a Heading or Text Block for additional information

    Move, Edit or Remove general questions or required fields by clicking on the 3 dots

    Once completed click Save in to top right hand corner of the screen

    This will save the form in Draft format 

    Hover on the curser on the 3 dots for the Publish option

    There is an option to Publish Now or Keep As Draft

    Once Published the form will appear in Blue and is ready to use

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