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    Do we need to send an email regarding the data protection law?

    GDPR Opt in/out

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    You may have seen some companies, such as your suppliers, sending Opt-in/out emails.
    Do we have a template you can use? Unfortunately not.

     Instead, we are adopting a new feature called Legitimate Interest.

    As part of the legitimate interest principle, you can market to your existing client base without seeking further consent, but we would not recommend you market to a client who has not been in the salon in the past 18 months or more. You will see the new consent pop up which requires you to ask your clients their consent for Marketing.

    You can click here to see in detail how this feature works.

    For existing clients pre-May 25th, we are using Legitimate Interest for the legal basis of marketing to clients. Due to the nature of the hair and beauty industry, Legitimate Interest makes sense, in this case, an email.

    For all new clients we are requesting Clear Consent to opt in to marketing from the salon. This consent is, and will be recorded in the audit trail. No marketing will be possible to these clients until consent is given in the salon. We have been advised by our GDPR Consultant that contacting your client base by email to seek consent is not recommended. As it is, a number of companies have been fined for such practices.

    We are confident that Legitimate Interest is sufficient to allow you to market to your existing clients without seeking consent, in conjunction with Explicit Consent for new clients.

    It is for these reasons that we are not sending such an email. If you still wish to do so then you will need to make that decision as a Salon Owner and your Consultant.

    If you have any further questions about this contact us at support@phorest.com 

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