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    How can I be GDPR compliant?

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    So how does GDPR affect your Phorest system?

    We are committed to making sure Phorest is 100% compliant, and we are proud to say that we are. There are a few changes you may see throughout your software we have added to make sure of this.

    • Part of GDPR compliance is being able to show an access trail to all of your data, therefore it is very important that you have pins enabled in your Phorest Salon Software. From 25th May 2018 it will be mandatory. If you haven’t already, please set up a unique pin number for each staff member and enable pins.

    • Giving your client the option to opt out of emails and SMS is vital in becoming compliant. Which is why we have added in a new Unsubscribe option to your SMS which is mandatory to have. You will no longer be able to send out text messages from the system which does not contain this link. The link will look a little strange at first but once it sends to a client it will look different, this ensures that it is unique for each client receiving it. This will automatically update client cards. It looks like this:


    How does this affect Marketing?

    We are not sending out an email to ask clients to opt in /out of Marketing for you. Instead, we are adopting a new feature called "Legitimate Interest".

    As part of the legitimate interest principle, you can market to your existing client base without seeking further consent, but we would not recommend you market to a client who has not been in the salon in the past 18 months or more.

    You can click here to see in detail how this feature works.

    If you feel the need to send an email with an option like this then it would be your right as a salon owner to do so. You would need to seek GDPR advice from a consultant. 

    By May 25th we will be updating our Smart Client Card to include Marketing permissions similar enough to the prompt you see on Phorest. This gives the client the decision to be marketed to or not. If you have Consultation Forms you do not need to worry about this.

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