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    Phorest Pay FAQ (EU & Australia)

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    I’ve heard about PhorestPay, but what is it?

    PhorestPay allows your salon to take payments for services and retail, both online and in your salon. Phorest will take the payment on your behalf, and we deposit that money straight into your bank account. 

    I already have a credit card terminal in my salon, why do I need this?

    With your credit card terminal supplied by your bank or payments company, it only allows you to take payments in the salon. With PhorestPay, you can take payments online for gift cards, online retail, and larger deposits for online bookings. PhorestPay will store your clients credit card details so that they can check out in the salon seamlessly. You can also take phone bookings and use the stored card to secure the booking.

    Will it be expensive?

    Our rates will be very competitive, and we’ll be offering you new revenue streams that your current payments provider can’t offer. We will announce fees for online booking deposits closer to launch.

    When will I get my money?

    Payouts will be done daily, on a trailing 7 day basis, before it lands in your bank account, and will take 2 days to land in your bank account. So any sale done today using Phorest Pay, will be in your bank 7 days later.

    That’s good but we want to do even better. 

    From early 2021, we will introduce Instant Payouts. You can choose to get your money immediately - as in, you click a button on Phorest and within seconds the money will be sitting in your bank account. We think this is a game changer.

    Will it work on Phorest Go?

    Yes! You will have all the functionality that will be on Phorest Desktop, on Phorest Go. Coming Q4 2020.

    Can I use PhorestPay to take payments instead of using my current card machine?

    In early 2021 we will allow you to use stored cards from online booking and online retail to pay out your clients in the salon.

    Coming in 2021 we will be able to replace your credit card machine entirely. Payments will be completely integrated with Phorest, so no more mistakes entering amounts twice - once in Phorest, and once on the credit card terminal!

    Will it be available in my country?

    PhorestPay will be available in The UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Canada and Australia, Exact dates for each region to follow

    Ok, this all sounds great… When can I get it?

    PhorestPay is currently live and you can sign up under Manager/PhorestPay. Once you sign up your account you can use Online vouchers and the Online Store, with bigger online deposits arriving in January 2021.

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