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    What are the Online Transaction Fees in UK & Ireland?

    This article will give a breakdown of online processing fees for transaction with Online Store and Online Gift Cards/Vouchers

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    The Online Store and Online Gift Cards/Vouchers are great assets, revenue builders and customer experience tools for salons. In addition to in-salon services and retailing, clients can avail these salon features 24/7 whilst your salon is closed from the salon's website, social media or marketing campaigns.

    With any online transactions, there is card processing fees associated to facilitate charging any client's credit/debit card. 

    Below is a breakdown of Online Transaction fees:


    2.9% + 0.25 per transaction


    All fees will be deducted before the payout is deposited in your bank account.

    Salon Payment for Europe

    Online Store and Online Gift Card sales will typically take 7-8 days to arrive in a salon’s bank account.
    Phorest schedule a weekly payouts that pays all monies owed up to a salon to 3 business days previous.

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