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    Add Gift Sets To Your Online Store

    This article will show you how to add supplier purchased gift sets to your online store.

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    Video: Set Up Online Products


    To upload your gift sets to the online store click Manager followed by Online Store. Then use the Search Bar to find your new gift set.

    By default, the product name is pulled from your inventory list but you can overwrite that here.

    If a brand has been assigned to the gift set you'll see it beside the name.

    Next, include an Online Image. You may need to manually add a photo here. 

    We suggest searching for the product online to save an image and copy and paste the description in the text box below.

    In the Online Description, list off each product your clients can expect to receive.

    Be creative here, don't forget to include the true value and benefits of not only each product but the benefits of buying them as a gift set. You can play around here with the format to make the description clear and easy to read.

    Similar to your product name, the price comes from your inventory list but you can overwrite that here too.

    At the very bottom, you can state whether you want to continue selling this product online even if it's out of stock.

    One reason you might tick this is if you only have a few gift sets available but can get your hands on more pretty quick.

    Before you save your product, click Copy Link and past it into any web browser to see how your new gift set looks online.

    Once you're happy, click Save.

    From the product list, search for your new gift set and click the Yes toggle button to make your new gift set live on your online store.

    In this demonstration, we've already added two other gift sets to offer your clients a choice and we recommend you do the same. Click the Copy Store Link to see how all of your gift sets look online.

    Don't forget to head over to the Settings tab if you want to include a Delivery Charge. If you don't want to include a delivery fee just leave this field blank. Otherwise, leave it as is.

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