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    How do I set up/change a schedule/roster for a Staff Member?

    This article outlines how to set up Staff Rosters and their working hours

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    You can enter a roster that repeats every day or just a one off day. 

    Quick Guide

    Phorest Roster.gif

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Click on Manager then Staff Rosters.

    2. You select the Staff Member on the left hand side that you wish to add/edit a roster for, then double tap on a blank day to start a roster.

    3. Now enter the start time and end time of the staff member's working hours and if you want it to repeat then tick the Repeat option.

    4. If you want it to repeat for different days of the week then you can select those days above.

    5. Click Save

    6. To set a roster for a different day such as a Friday you will need to double tap a box in a Friday column.


    To enter a split shift for a staff member go here

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