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    How To Set up Pin Codes / Assign Access for Staff

    This article will advise on how pin codes can be enabled for your staff to restrict/grant access within Phorest.

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    All staff members are allocated a pin code for use of the Phorest system(Mandatory in EU Salons. We highly recommend these are switched on for all salons). This will ensure that sensitive information is restricted from view and will give you more control over what your staff are doing on a daily basis within the system. It will also create a trail in the Phorest System when a staff member creates, moves or edits an appointment. 

    Pin codes are assigned per staff member with access permissions set per staff category.

    Note : For clients in the EU it is mandatory that pin codes are enabled under the GDPR legislation introduced in 2018.

    Assigning Pin Codes

    The first step is to ensure that every staff member has a pin number assigned to them. You can do this by going to Manager > Staff Members.

    Select the relevant staff member by clicking on their name  

    In System Pin (1) enter the pin number for that staff member. This number must be unique, two staff members cannot have the same pin number. Note : We advise to use a pin at least 4 digits in length and to ensure pin codes are kept private & updated frequently.

    You can choose to send the pin to the staff member, by clicking on the Send Pin (2) button (the staff member will need to have a Phone Number (3) entered for this text to be delivered). Click Save (4) on the top right of the page. 

    Setting The Access Levels

    To Setup the access system, go to Manager > Access.

    This brings up a list of sections on the system that you can edit access too.

    Next we need to choose the Staff Category we are editing the access for. This means that the changes made will only apply to this category.  

    Select the staff category from the drop down list as shown below, e.g. Manager

    Note :  If the check box is black it is ticked and as such everything related to the area is accessible to all staff assigned to that staff category. If the check box is empty then no access has been granted to this area.

    You can get a deeper view of every area within Phorest to grant partial access by selecting the Arrow next to each area listed.

    Once you have your staff category chosen, you can then tick / untick the areas of the system that this staff category should / shouldn't have access to.

    Select the arrow beside the section name to see all the buttons within that section that you can either grant or restrict access to. In the example below, the manager category has access to all Appointments features.  (as indicated in point 1. in the screen shot below)

    Finally, once you are happy with all of the features you have set, then click the Turn on PIN codes button (as indicated in point 2. of the screen shot below). Ensure that you click Save once you have all of your changes made. 

    Note: For all EU salons, Pins will be automatically switched on and there will be no option to turn them off. 

    Using Pin Codes

    Now that pin codes are enabled all staff  must enter their pin number to use the system. This verifies their access level and track's certain interactions made by staff within the system.

    The below is what will display to clients when logging into the system. It will also appear if they try to access an area they have no permissions for.


    Once entered you will see their name registered in the top left hand corner screen.


    Logging Out of Phorest

    It is advised that all staff log out of Phorest after they are done. This ensure's that no one else is using their pin code.

    Note : Information on our auto log out feature can be found here.

    To log out of Phorest manually simply select the 'Pad Lock' icon as shown in the below screenshot. This icon is found at the bottom left hand corner of the system. This will log out the current user and will force the next user to enter their pin number in order to access the system. 

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