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    Go Live Training

    Basic System Training Material

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    Go Live training is a must have training for all staff members. It is the starting point for all new Phorest users.

    Refresh your skills anytime, revisit this training as often as you wish and each time a new staff member joins the team.

    Your Action Plan

    This Action Plan can be downloaded or printed

    Your Quick Start Manual

    Ireland & United Kingdom

    USA & Canada

    This Manual can be downloaded or printed.

    Watch our playlist of videos to get you up too speed on the Phorest system. 

    Step-by-step guide - How to make an Appointment?

    1. Double click on a free appointment slot (or double tap with a touchscreen)

    2. Enter the Name of the client
      NOTE: If adding a new client, then you will need to press the Add Client button before proceeding to the next stage

    3. Then click the Service button which should be orange

    4. Select the Service Category

    5. Select the Service.
      NOTE: You can also drag and drop the Service from the list to the appointment screen if you need more visibility on where the available slots are on the screen

    6. Click Done.

    7. Appointment will then be added to the appointment calender as shown below.

      NOTE: You can manually select a Room during the booking process by clicking here.  


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