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    How can I log into Phorest Go?

    This article will provide information on how to download and set up your log in details within Phorest for the Phorest Go app. You can also reset your password using the steps below.

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     To download the app, click here from your iPhone or iPad (It must be an iPad 2 or higher). For Android click here

    Or search Phorest in either app stores. 

    Step-by-step guide

    Once you have downloaded and installed the Phorest Go app on your device go to Phorest on your PC/Desktop. 

    To access Phorest Go, the staff member will need to be set up in Phorest on your PC/Mac. For details on how to set up a new staff member, please click here

    When you log in to Phorest:

    1. Click on Manager > Staff Members 

    2. Click on the Staff Member's name to open their Staff Profile.

    3. On the General tab, at the top left of the screen, enter an email address, System Pin and a password. The email address and the pin numbers must be unique to this staff member. 

    4. The password should be at least 7 characters long, have at least one uppercase and 1 lower case letter along with at least 1 number. An example of this format would be: Hairandbeauty2. There is a guide below the password to confirm the password is acceptable. It will turn green when each criteria has been met. You can also reset the password for a user int he same way.  

    5. The email address and password are used by the staff member to access Phorest Go on a mobile/ipad/tablet. 

    6. Remember to click Save on the top right of the screen. 

    7. Open Phorest Go on the ipad, tablet or mobile

    8. Enter the email address and the password for the staff member. 

    For details on assigning appropriate access level's within the Phorest Go app please view the following article here

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