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    How do I put a deposit/credit onto a client's account?

    This article will outline how you credit a client's account for future payment against a service.

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    Step-by-step guide


    1. Click on Purchase and enter the client's name, and choose a staff member. Now click on the Outstanding Balance button at the top left.

    2. On the next pop up, select Pay Deposit. Now select the amount they wish to have on deposit and put the payment through as normal.

    3. When the client comes to the salon again, you will receive a notification that the client has money on deposit.

    4. You can now use all, or part of the money as a payment type.

    You can also pay a deposit when a client is booking in for an appointment. Create the appointment for the client as normal. While the appointment is still open, click on the Pay button. 

    On the Purchase screen, under the More  column, click on the cog wheel and choose Deposit 

    Insert the deposit amount, let's say $50 for this example. 

    Click on Pay and choose the Payment type from the options presented then click Pay again to complete the transaction.

    Click on the Appointments screen. You will notice the appointment has changed color to a khaki green, has a icon displayed along with the Deposit amount shown in the appointment itself to let you know this client has paid a deposit.  

    When the client arrives for their appointment and is ready to pay, check the client in and click Pay.

    A message will be displayed informing you that the client has paid a Deposit.

    Click OK to this message. You will then see the balance remaining for that Service. 

    Select the Payment Type from the options presented and enter the amount using the calculator icon. 

    Your client has now paid a Deposit against a service. 

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